Empty Legs are flights that occur when an airplane or helicopter must return without passengers, thus providing an opportunity to charter the aircraft at a lower price. Chartering an empty leg basically means using a returning charter or VIP flight that would otherwise fly empty.

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There are several approaches to the classification of business aviation aircraft. On our web site we use one of the most common approaches to aircraft classification:

1. Light jetThe flight range of these aircraft is short, but sufficient to cover distances between cities and countries situated within shorter distance from one another. Many of them can approach at a steep trajectory, allowing them to land in more challenging airports. Light aircraft are popular with frequent flyers over short distances, when cabin size is of secondary importance. Examples of light jet are: Citation BravoCitation CJ4Citation XLSHawker 400XPLearjet 40XRLearjet 45XRPhenom 300.

2. Midsize jet. Compared to the light aircraft, these aircraft have a higher cruising speed and longer flight range. They are spacious enough, manoeuvrable and reliable, which makes them well-suited not only for corporate, but also private air travel. They are also capable of using short and challenging runways. Examples of midsize aircraft are: Challenger-300Gulfstream G-200Gulfstream G-280Citation SovereignCitation XHawker 800XPHawker 850XPHawker 900XPHawker 4000Learjet 60XR.

3. Heavy jetThis class of aircraft can securely cover large distances, such as entire continents, and are often seen crossing oceans. The powerful engines sported by some of them allow these aircraft to sometimes use short runways and take off quickly in mountainous areas. In addition, they provide their passengers with the highest level of comfort: often these aircraft have a spacious salon allowing one to stand easily, comfortable beds, one or two lavatories, and a galley. Naturally, heavy aircraft possess a significantly larger passenger capacity. Examples of heavy jets are: Challenger-604Challenger-605Challenger-850Falcon 900Falcon 2000Gulfstream IV-SPGulfstream G-350Gulfstream G-450Legacy 600.

4. Ultra long range jetWith an average flight range of 12,000 km, these aircraft are capable of covering significant distances with maximum load without technical stops. These aircraft are characterized by top comfort and outstanding technical equipment. On the other hand, their number is limited, and they are in great demand. Our Company can provide all of them: Falcon 7XGlobal 5000Global Express XRSGulfstream G-550Gulfstream G-650.

5. VIP Airliner. These are super-comfortable aircraft customized from major manufacturer’s airplanes, such as Airbus and Boeing. They can fly non-stop over long distances, as some of them have a flight range of up to 14,000 km. Large cabins allow them to be retrofitted with an on-board office and full bedroom, and some of them even have showers.